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The 2nd of December is marked as a very important day in the lives of all the residents of UAE. For some, it is important because of the 2 days of official days off while for others, it signifies a key moment in history that has transcended into a better lifestyle for people who stay here. 42 years ago, the visionary rulers of 7 kingdoms came together and pledged their allegiance to each other and support for the future growth of these kingdoms as a unit to be reckoned with.

Such is their strength, that the Rulers of the nation got together and supported Dubai in their bid for the World EXPO 2020. The country’s biggest achievement this year would be the win of the World EXPO 2020 Bid, this November. A big portion of Dubai’s World EXPO 2020 bid is Sustainability. According to the website, “significant innovation in the production, delivery and consumption of water and energy is becoming increasingly important”. As Gecostore, this is something we believe in greatly. We have been blogging about this on our blog at Gecostore, and we read regularly on the Goumbook Blog as well.

Click one of these links to know how you can make a difference:

Save Water and Energy | Be Socially Aware

As Gecostore, we support local artisans and talent. This has been implemented as our shopping theme for National Day, titled “I wanna go local, habibi!” Click the name, and you will see a range of products sourced locally and made responsibly & in an eco-friendly manner. For example, an Arab Author has presented the importance of the 3 R’s to the children in a unique manner – a super hero boy called Eco Boy.

We support the local tanneries by selling their products that are made out of 100% genuine leather produced responsibly with natural tanning agents – see our Leather Wallets, Leather Passport Holders, and some cute Accessories for your bag. We have candle makers that supply us amazing eco-friendly candles that are hand-made from Palm Wax. We also have some unique Camel milk soaps that are manufactured in the UAE and provide a natural and luxuriant washing experience.

Do have a look at the range of local products, and we welcome your comments and suggestions for products that you believe should be on our store.

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