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If you are into ‘Eco-friendly Green Fashion’, Bambootique is here for you!

Based in Dubai, UAE, Bambootique is a green entrepreneurial venture, founded with the aim of empowering consumers to make socially conscious, informed choices by providing a quality product that has significant environmental advantages over the standard, commercial options in the market.
Bamboo is eco-friendly and a renewable source of natural fibre that can be used to make ultra-soft durable fabric. Bamboo garments don’t just look and feel great; they also keep you cool in summer and warm in winter because of its natural thermo-regulating properties. In addition, it absorbs moisture and repels odours, allergens and UV rays making it perfect for sensitive skin.
With a natural silk-like sheen, bamboo clothes offer a touch of glamour, but they’re also extremely hardy, a great match for active lifestyles, keeping you cool and smelling great. Versatile designs offer a chic, all-weather, practical and eco solution to clothing without cramping your style.
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