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What is special about our products? 

Locally sourced:

The Gecostore deals only with suppliers that are based in the UAE. Small local entrepreneurs and large established companies share the same market place at Gecostore, because one aspect of sustainability is supporting your local community, maintaining and growing it for future generations.

Truly green:

Our team screens each product sold on the Gecostore to make sure that they all have distinctive green and healthy features.

Attractive and affordable:

We believe that products need to be attractive to our customers not only because they are green, but because they are affordable and of excellent quality. We have also put a lot of effort in finding products that match with the local culture.


The Gecostore experience includes the delivery of products and services to your home and office. We offer eco-services such as energy audits and conduct the actual installation of energy and water conservation measures.

Education and awareness:

The Gecostore team has dedicated time to describe each product to bring awareness to our customers on why it should be your natural choice.

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The GECOSTORE is an initiative by Goumbook  developed in partnership with Smart4Power.

■ The GECOSTORE has its own dedicated staff to manage the relationship with suppliers and customers, develop the product portfolio and manage the marketing and sales, ensuring the experience of purchasing on the site exceeds all customers expectations

■ The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) is our financial partner: online payments are processes through NBAD e-payment gateway. This partnership also entails all members of the bank STARS Program to special promotions.

■ MartJack is our e-commerce platform provider and has many years experience in building online stores for large companies such as DG Sharaf.

■ Aramex is our Logistics partner and is well know for its dedication to sustainability and best practices as well as it’s strong alliance network providing worldwide presence.






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