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Do you know that you could easily save up to 50% of your utility bill….
…and could make your home a healthier place to live in?

If you are paying an average AED 2,000 per month on your electricity and water bill, that means that you could save up to AED 12,000 per year.
Through this catalogue, we will introduce you to different energy and water technologies to reach that target.
All the proposed solutions have been tested and certified in the UAE and come with extended warranty period that will give you peace of mind
We also provide a list of best practices and recommendations in relation to consumption behavior

Five Reasons you didn’t do it before:
1. Oh gush, I don’t even know where to start and how much I would save…
2. There are so many fake solutions around and so many people promising miracles …
3. I don’t know how to do it, I don’t have the time….
4. Why to care if I may move to another place?
5. Is it really worthy considering the cost of the energy saving solutions?

Five Good Reasons to do it now with Gecostore:
1. Our expert staff can do an energy audit at your home and identify the priority areas to focus on.
2. We have a range of energy efficient solutions for AC, lighting, water and insulation that have been widely tested with proven savings in the UAE.
3. Our installation team will do everything from A to Z, making sure you have the right solution installed at your home.
4. Our one year free re-installation services will allow you to take most of the installed devices with you.
5. With the savings your will achieve through our solutions you will have your money paid back in less than a year!!

Energy Audits
In a recent audit conducted in Dubai, we found out that 62% of the energy consumption was taking place when nobody was occupying the premises

  • The energy audit provides a thorough analysis of the energy efficiency of the building as well as the consumption patterns by major sources of demand: • Air conditioning system • Building insulation • Lighting features • Water features • IT and home appliances
  • In a recent audit conducted in Dubai, we found out that 62% of the energy consumption was taking place when nobody was occupying the premises
  • The energy audit is conducted by our certified auditors using power analyzers, thermal cameras and temperature data loggers.
  • 24 hours after the audit is completed, the customer will receive a detail report which will include a list of ready-to-plug energy saving solutions based on the existing energy efficiency and consumption patterns.
  • The combined effect of the proposed solutions could save up to 50% of the monthly bills

Efficient Lighting
Conventional lighting not only consumes 80% more power (W) to produce same brightness (lumens) but it also increase demand for air cooling

The LED lamp is the natural, energy efficient replacement for halogen lamps: last almost 7 times more and consumes 15-20% less.

  • It best fits as recessed down-lighters and spotlights
  • It provides a nice and warm light appearance
  • Available in 4W, 5.5W and 6.5W
  • 35,000 hours
  • 3 years warranty

Our family of CFL lamps are ideal to replace all incandescent lamps at your home from 40W to 100W, providing average savings of 70-80%.

  • Nice, warm light.
  • 10,000 hours
  • 2 years warranty

Did you Know that…
Replacement of LED light for halogen light could be paid back in just one year?

Air conditioning
Air conditioning accounts for almost 70% of the electricity consumed in villas and apartments

Aircosaver is a microprocessor manufactured in Germany that optimizes the running time of AC units. The Aircosaver simply turns off the compressor whenever it senses that there is enough energy accumulated in the cooling coil to keep cooling the room according to the set temperature (thermodynamic saturation).
10 years lifespan
3 years warranty

Insulation & Window Films
The window film is a clear layer of high performance polyester that is fixed to the inside of the glass windows and doors. This film upgrades the performance of the glass in terms of solar control, heat rejection, glare reduction, UV blockage and light transmission.
Our window film options can reject solar heat from 50% up to 80%, which could means reduction in AC up to 15%.

Did you Know that…
Aircosaver has been certified by DEWA and has been successfully tested in villas at Springs, Meadows, Victoria Heights and other places like restaurants (e.g. McDonalds), hotels (e.g. Legacy) or gas stations (e.g. ENOC) with savings ranging between 15% and 25%.

Water irrigation
The sandy soils in the UAE have a very low water holding capacity and require an average irrigation water demand of 12 liters sqm/day

Artificial grass is definitely the largest water saving solution for villas in the UAE. Made of recycled material, our range of solutions offer a natural look and comfortable feeling by the better elasticity of the material
Save 12-15 liters water/day
5-8 years warranty

Water retaining soil additive is the natural alternative and is made of fully natural volcanic rock types and clay minerals. These minerals improve the soil structure and increases the water holding capacity of the soil, reducing the necessary quantity of irrigation water by minimum 50%.

Plant roots have more time to absorb the water and loss of water through percolation is reduced drastically.

Did you know that…
The installation of artificial grass in a 50 square meter garden saves almost 200,000 liters / year

Air & Water comfort
Bad indoor air quality (AC) and drinking water quality (bottled water) are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs that can seriously affect your health.

Invest in a healthier home environment through key solutions:
Water filters and dispensers: Improve drinking water quality and eliminate plastic bottles with full sustainable healthier alternative dispensers. All filters are tested and accredited by NSF and ANSI
AC disinfections systems: bio-sanitizer solution that relies on dry-mist diffusion equipment. The solutions is flushed through the air / heat systems, killing all viruses and bacterias
Air Purifiers: provide a perfect allergen free enviornemnt. It is a thermographic sterilizing system with a sterilized outlet which helps reduce airborne allergens.

Did you know that…
Based on numerous tests conducted in the UAE, filtered water shows the least bacterial count when comparing it with tap water and bottled water. Furthermore, filtered water shows a good ph level, balance of minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium and more importantly no metals and reduced chlorine levels.

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